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Founded in 1898, Stall & Dean is the "original" original--the first authentic American sporting goods brand.  Stall & Dean has been referred to as the DNA of American sports.  If you are not familiar with our story, we hope the content on this site will give you a glimpse into our incredible history.  Enjoy the journey back in time.
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The History of Stall & Dean

The History of Stall & Dean


Walter Stall and Charles Dean founded Stall & Dean in 1898 with production facilitieis in Chicago, Illinois and Brockton, Massachusetts

1898 - 1919

The S&D Brand became The Premier sporting goods manufacturer in the United States.  All product was sold through catalogs.


The company is the 1st make uniforms for professional hockey.  They make the uniforms for the NHL's “Original Six.”


Stall & Dean signed professional athletes to wear and endorse their products, including Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner and Ping Bodie.


“SafeSlide” flannel is trademarked for baseball uniforms.   Stall & Dean patents many items of innovative athletic equipment.


After NHL great Eddie Shore suffered a head injury, Stall & Dean invented the 1st Hockey Helmet.


Stall & Dean expand their protective gear to football, including helmets, shoulder pads and pants.


Starting in 1960, Stall & Dean outfitted the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team from head-to-toe, including the 1980 Lake Placid Gold Medal Team – “The Miracle on Ice.”


The company continues to outfit college and professional sports teams with uniforms including MLB's Oakland A's and Milwaukee Brewers.


Stall & Dean is recognized by many as the industry icon for manufacturing sporting goods, uniforms and helmets.  Newer brands emerge on the uniform scene: Starter, Nike, Under Armour.


Stall & Dean products are memorialized in the Lacrosse Hall of Fame, the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Football Hall of Fame and the Hockey Hall of Fame.